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In this incredibly research driven and counterintuitive book, an anthropologist and a public health doctor team up to uncover the mysteries of women's natural—and unnatural—fat. Blending anecdotal evidence with hard science, they explain how women’s weight is controlled by evolution—but more importantly, reveal how a change in diet four decades ago may be the reason women today are much heavier than their grandmothers were.

Explaining why fat (both in our diet and in our body) is crucial to long-term health, the authors show not only why women tend (and need) to get heavier after having their first child, but destroy cultural myths like “all fat is bad for you.” Providing a plan that can help any woman achieve a natural, healthy weight—without dieting—Why Women Need Fat not only gives women the tools they need to shed weight, but also a better understanding of why those last five pounds seem impossible to lose.

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